Inspired by Nature – Designed to Rejuvenate

ProJuvenol® is a patented & powerful synergistic blend of complex anti-aging ingredients inspired by nature to help promote cellular rejuvenation and healthy functionality for everyday living. Based upon pterostilbene, one of nature’s unique and intelligent antioxidants/anti-inflammatories.

NanoStilbene™ is an easily absorbed Nanoparticle formulation of pterostilbene. The pterostilbene placed in a nanoemulsion droplet is free from air, light, and hard environment; therefore, as a delivery system, nanoemulsion can not only improve the bioavailability of pterostilbene but also protect it from oxidation and hydrolysis, while it possesses an ability of sustained release at the same time.

DermalStilbene is a topical form of pterostilbene delivered via spray application onto skin. Studies indicate that the body better absorbs pterostilbene than resveratrol, and pterostilbene is more biologically active than resveratrol and is more efficacious than resveratrol in inhibiting certain biological activities including pro-inflammatory enzymes (providing anti-inflammatory benefits), and cell membranes producing lipid peroxidation (providing anti-oxidant support).

IsoStilbene, an injectable formulation of pterostilbene, is available by prescription only to provide booster dosing of pterostilbene to supplement the use of NanoStilbene in clinical applications.

NeuroStilbene™, an intranasal delivery system used with the intent of delivering high concentrations of substances into the brain across what is called the “blood-brain barrier.” This structure is a “security system” that keeps blood cells separate from the fluid surrounding the brain. This barrier does provide oxygen and nutrients to be transported by the blood cells but prevents harmful substances like bacteria or poisons from getting to the brain.